How NOT to Coupon!

Hey “Savvy Readers!”

If you’ve read my profile then you know that I am a couponer, not extreme just a couponer. Both my hubby and I are big deal hunters and love finding great bargains. And we have always used coupons here and there when we would go grocery shopping. So about year ago, I (like many of you) watched the show “Extreme Couponing” on TLC. And I was hooked. I’m a homemaker with three boys, I cook at least five meals a week (a meat and at least three sides), and I love food. So you could imagine that our grocery bill/budget was pretty ridiculous. So I did a little research, found a few couponing sites and began my couponing journey. However, this post is about “How NOT to Coupon!”

Don’t get me wrong I still go hard on my couponing game and I take saving money at the register very seriously. But I have fallen off big time with storing and clipping my coupons. One of the key things in effective couponing (in my opinion) is organization, without it couponing can be a complete nightmare. And I’m a witness, I have gone about six months with out organizing, clipping or doing anything proactive (for that matter) with my coupons. So needless to say, I have a major backlog of coupons. And preparing for my shopping trips has become a complete burden. It is time-consuming and frustrating. And I have no one to blame but myself. And I just know that I have overlooked some awesome coupons and missed out on some great deals (which drives me crazy) because of my lack of organization.

The bad part is, I am a procrastinator so I have been putting this off and coming up with every excuse for not getting my coupons in order. That is why I need your help. I need each of you “Savvy Readers” to help hold me accountable and me reach my goal. I want to have my coupons clipped and organized within three four weeks. This is what I’m working with…

About six months of coupon inserts.

All my couponing stuff neatly stacked. O_O

Now some of you may be looking at the pictures above thinking, “that doesn’t look that bad.” But trust me, when you have to search through stacks and stacks of coupons it can be a bit overwhelming. Here is a peek into what it looks like when I’m prepping for a shopping trip…

Complete madness…I know! Now my goal is to convert all of that from the pictures above into my binder…

My coupon binder! ❤

And yes, it is possible! So for the next month I will be sorting, clipping and placing my coupons in my binder. Wish me luck! I will try to keep you posted on my progress and I will definitely post when all is complete. Until next time….

~Stay Savvy!

5 thoughts on “How NOT to Coupon!

  1. A'jae

    This is right on time b/c I’ve started back clipping. My hubby helps a lot because we are ALL about savings. I’ve found myself getting really frustrated with my mini-organizer. It’s time for me to get a big boy, because I don’t want to miss any deals (which I have due to not being organized). You can do it. I’ll check back in and see how your progress is going. And PLEASE feel free to share any great deals, tips, etc. and I’ll do the same! Lol

  2. Mimi

    I need one of those binders. Right now I have a pretty decent method but when I don’t stay on top of it..its awful. I need to get better about purging the ones that have expired. My main problem is when I start clipping and the scraps end up everywhere. My kids take them, ball them up, throw them around, a mess!!

    1. Roni Lee Post author

      I understand your pain. My little ones do the same thing. And when I go through the coupons they are right behind me. If you are looking for a binder check amazon…I think that is where my hubby found it.

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