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Black Friday Savvy Shopping Tips

Wowzas! Its November already, Thanksgiving is around the corner and Christmas will be here before you know it. And for most of us, with the holiday season comes tons of shopping! Being the “frugal deal-seeking shopaholic” that I am, it’s no wonder that I’m one of those crazy people out shopping on Black Friday. It’s even become a tradition in my family…we stay up all night, brave the cold temps and score great deals! And I love it!

I know that Black Friday shopping isn’t for everyone and it can even be a bit overwhelming for those experienced shoppers, like me…lol. Here is my Top 10 Black Friday Savvy Shopping Tips to help you get the most bang for your buck and fun out of the experience!

  1. Preview Black Friday Store Ads NOW! We are well into the month of November and most retailers’ Black Friday ads are available online already. Don’t wait until Thanksgiving Day to check them out, view them online now. That way you have an idea of what stores have the items you want and you can begin preparing your list.
  2. Compare prices. Everything that’s on sale Black Friday, is not a great deal, you must compare prices! You can use price comparison websites/phone apps to help you determine if the Black Friday ad price is the best possible price.
  3. Make A List. Yep, be like Santa Clause, make a list and check it twice…lol. While you’re previewing the Black Friday ads online and comparing prices, start making a list now. My Black Friday shopping lists are pretty detailed; store name, item, price, color etc. The list helps keep me on track, I don’t waste time “just looking.” I focus only on the items on my list and leave the other Christmas shopping for another day.
  4. Search for Coupons! Y’all know I love coupons! So before you head out on Black Friday make sure you check for coupons! I always recommend that you do email sign-up for all of your favorite retailers…they are always sending out coupons to their subscribers. And be sure to check store websites, Facebook pages and circulars for additional coupons too!
  5. Know Store Locations and Store Hours. It has happened to me in the past, pulling up to an abandoned building or empty parking lot sucks big time, especially when you had a list items you wanted to score. If it’s not a store or area you visit often double-check the stores location. And Black Friday store hours vary from store to store…some opening on Thanksgiving Day and others in the middle of the night, so check those hours!
  6. Know Store Coupon/Return & Price-matching Policies. Some stores may have specific coupon and price-matching policies on Black Friday. Knowing them in advance will save you a lot of time and headache when checking out, trust me. And don’t throw away those receipts, some stores offer price-adjustments after purchase if you find a lower price at another store.
  7.  Take a shopping buddy! I usually prefer to shop alone but not on Black Friday! With two or more people, you can cover more shopping ground…lol. I like to call it “Black Friday Tag Team”! If there’s a big crowd (which there usually is) one person can grab the items while the other mans the cart. I take Black Friday seriously; you have to be ready to shop ‘til drop and I make sure that everyone that tags along knows this because no one likes a party pooper.
  8. Be prepared! As with anything in life you must be prepared and Black Friday is no different. Gas the car up early, map out your shopping trip (I leave that up to the hubs) and be sure to dress comfortably. Know there will be long lines and crowds. I personally try to keep things to a minimum, I downsize my purse (to help free up my hands) and I throw on my tennis shoes. I make sure to have my list and store ads (from the Thanksgiving Day newspaper) and any coupons/discount cards on hand.
  9. Don’t Fret! If you miss out on a great deal or sale on Black Friday don’t worry…deals/sales will come and go all holiday season long. And don’t forget there’s always Cyber Monday!
  10. SMILE and be friendly! Remember Black Friday is the kickoff of the holiday shopping season, so leave the “grumpy gills” at home. Despite all the craziness on Black Friday, people will be more willing to help you help if you have a smile on your face, trust me.

Do you brave the stores on Black Friday? What are some of your Black Friday shopping tips? What do you love about the holiday season?

WooHoo! Clipped, sorted and stashed!

Hey Savvy Readers!

Back on March 10th I set a goal for myself…I wanted to have ALL of my coupons clipped, sorted and placed in my binder in four weeks! In my post, How NOT to Coupon! I showed y’all pictures of my months & months of coupons that I would dig through every time I prepared for a shopping trip. It was ridiculous and time-consuming. And not to mention all the deals I missed out on because I couldn’t tote my coupons along with me. But guess what? *insert happy dance here* Your girl did it! WooHoo! I finally have ALL of my coupons tucked away inside my binder! And let me tell you, I am so excited and proud of myself. I probably wouldn’t have completed the task if it weren’t for my road trips (yes, trips) during Spring Break. But hey, whatever it takes to get the job done!

Showing my binder some love!

I’m so happy that my binder and I can go shopping together again! Check out my Facebook page, I’ve started posting pictures of my extreme couponing shopping trips! Do any of you coupon? How do you sort and store yours? And where do you find your deals? I would love to know your tips, tricks and shopping secrets! Until next time…

~Stay Savvy!


Hey Savvy Readers!

I have been super busy and on the go this past week. My kiddos have been on Spring Break and we hit the highway for a mini road trip, twice. And to top it all off my allergies have kicked it in high gear…ugh. But all in all we have had a blast and I will be sharing that with y’all later. However, I have been meaning let y’all know about whats happening over at NATURALICIOUS! If you remember, I mentioned NATURALICIOUS in the My Honey Child Review. Well shortly after I posted my review, I received word from Gwen, the owner of NATURALICIOUS, that they changed their pricing. NOW every product is guaranteed to be priced under MSRP (manufactured suggested retail price). Yep, you read that right! So instead of the My Honey Child products that I purchased for $10 each, you can now purchase them for $9.87 each.

Photo credit:

I’ve said this before and I will say it again…I love a great deal. And I personally think that NATURALICIOUS is worth checking out. Like I stated in my previous post, you will find an array of products on NATURALICIOUS; Aubrey Organics, Curls and Jane Carter Solutions just to name a few. And did I mention there are accessories available for purchase too! Plus there have been products added since I last checked the site. So if you are product junkie like myself or someone just is search of new products then NATURALICIOUS would be a great fit for you and your wallet.

Also don’t forget to like NATURALICIOUS on Facebook, there have been some FB fan only deals recently. And you can also follow NATURALICIOUS on Twitter too. If you get a chance to check them out please let NATURALICIOUS know that The Savvy Housewife sent you. And I would love to know what you think of the site and if you purchase anything. Don’t forget to leave your comments, questions and requests below. Until next time…

~Stay Savvy!

How NOT to Coupon!

Hey “Savvy Readers!”

If you’ve read my profile then you know that I am a couponer, not extreme just a couponer. Both my hubby and I are big deal hunters and love finding great bargains. And we have always used coupons here and there when we would go grocery shopping. So about year ago, I (like many of you) watched the show “Extreme Couponing” on TLC. And I was hooked. I’m a homemaker with three boys, I cook at least five meals a week (a meat and at least three sides), and I love food. So you could imagine that our grocery bill/budget was pretty ridiculous. So I did a little research, found a few couponing sites and began my couponing journey. However, this post is about “How NOT to Coupon!”

Don’t get me wrong I still go hard on my couponing game and I take saving money at the register very seriously. But I have fallen off big time with storing and clipping my coupons. One of the key things in effective couponing (in my opinion) is organization, without it couponing can be a complete nightmare. And I’m a witness, I have gone about six months with out organizing, clipping or doing anything proactive (for that matter) with my coupons. So needless to say, I have a major backlog of coupons. And preparing for my shopping trips has become a complete burden. It is time-consuming and frustrating. And I have no one to blame but myself. And I just know that I have overlooked some awesome coupons and missed out on some great deals (which drives me crazy) because of my lack of organization.

The bad part is, I am a procrastinator so I have been putting this off and coming up with every excuse for not getting my coupons in order. That is why I need your help. I need each of you “Savvy Readers” to help hold me accountable and me reach my goal. I want to have my coupons clipped and organized within three four weeks. This is what I’m working with…

About six months of coupon inserts.

All my couponing stuff neatly stacked. O_O

Now some of you may be looking at the pictures above thinking, “that doesn’t look that bad.” But trust me, when you have to search through stacks and stacks of coupons it can be a bit overwhelming. Here is a peek into what it looks like when I’m prepping for a shopping trip…

Complete madness…I know! Now my goal is to convert all of that from the pictures above into my binder…

My coupon binder! ❤

And yes, it is possible! So for the next month I will be sorting, clipping and placing my coupons in my binder. Wish me luck! I will try to keep you posted on my progress and I will definitely post when all is complete. Until next time….

~Stay Savvy!

Dirt Cheap, Thrifting and Tarjay…A Collective Haul

Hey “Savvy Readers!”

As you can see from the title above I went shopping! I hit up a few stores over the past two weeks and found some really great stuff. If you have a Target in your area, I suggest that you check them out…I found TONS of stuff on clearance. Check out what I purchased….

I hope you enjoyed my haul video. If you do check out Target please come back and let me know what you found. Oh, just in case you didn’t notice, The Savvy Housewife now has a Facebook page. So if you are on FB please check it out and hit the like button. =) And as always, please leave your comments, questions and requests below or send an email to

Stay Savvy y’all! 

I went thrifting!

Hey “Savvy Readers!”

This past Monday I hit up my local thrift store and scored some great stuff. The best part is I paid less than $7 for all of my goodies. WOOT! WOOT! Everyone knows that thrifting can be hit or miss and I just love it when I find good stuff. Any who, I wanted to share with you my thrifted finds…check out the video below.



I hope my haul video gave you a little inspiration to hit up your local thrift store. Also keep a look out for an upcoming post and video of me rocking some of my recently thrifted items. And if you have any comments, requests or suggestion please shoot me an email or leave a comment below.

Happy Thrifting! =)