The Love VoxBox

Hey “Savvy Readers!”

I can’t remember how I stumbled upon Influenster but I love it. I joined the Influenster community back in December and have already received my first VoxBox. I’m sure you are wondering, “what in the world is Influenster and a VoxBox?” Well Influenster is a “Community of trendsetters invited to share their lifestyles and show their influence to qualify for personalized product shipments, special rewards and exclusive deals from the brands they love.” And a VoxBox is a box of personalized goodies sent to your doorstep in exchange for your feedback/review. And the best part is that most of the products are new. Now doesn’t that sound awesome? I thought it did and since I love trying out new products, I couldn’t resist signing up. And I am so happy that I did. Qualifying for a VoxBox is easy. Simply sign up to join the Influenster community here, unlock badges (quick surveys that tell Influenster who you are and what you like) and that’s it. Easy, right?

Well that is exactly what I did and I recently received my LoveVoxBox in the mail. I was super excited when I saw it on my doorstep and even more thrilled when I saw what was inside. Check out my LoveVoxBox goodies…

  • Nail Dress Ultimate Nail Fashion – If you read my previous post, Nailed It, then you already know that I super excited to try these out.

  • Ghirardelli Gourmet Milk Chocolate Creamy Devotion Bar – This just sounds divine! YUM!

  • Gillette Venus & Olay Razor – I shave everyday (don’t judge me) so having a quality razor is a must. This one has five blades plus Olay moisture bars…can you say shaving bliss?

  • Stash Herbal Tea Sampler – I love tea hot or cold! Stash is caffeine free and made from 100% natural ingredients. *sip sip away*

  • Truvía® natural sweetener – And this pairs perfectly with my Stash tea.

I will be posting reviews on some of the products later on, so stay tuned. Are any of you members of the Influenster community? Or have you tried any of the products included in the LoveVoxBox? Please do tell! And if you are interested, you can connect with Influeneter on FaceBook, Twitter and Pintrest. Until next time…


~Stay Savvy

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