Beautiful Textures Review

Hey y’all!

If you are a naturalista, shop a Sally Beauty or just a plain ‘ol product junkie then I’m sure you have seen (or at least heard of) Beautiful Textures. Since I fall into all three categories, I’ve been stalking researching their products for quite some time now. A few months back after liking the Beautiful Textures Facebook page, I stumbled upon a contest and yep, you guessed it…I won! Honestly, I don’t remember the details of the contest. All I can remember is…being super excited when I opened the prize and saw two of every product from the Beautiful Textures line. Now that the excitement of winning has died down and I’ve had a few months to try out the products, I wanted to share my thoughts with you about the Beautiful Textures product line. Check out my review….

“The Prize”

Ignore the face…it was hot! O_O

For more information about the Beautiful Textures line check out their website, like them on Facebook and follow them on Twitter.

Have you tried the Beautiful Textures line yet?

*Disclaimer: Although I received these products for free all opinions stated in this review are my own and are based off of my personal experiences. Like always, please research any/all products before purchasing and using.

9 thoughts on “Beautiful Textures Review

  1. MzCandaceAlwaysSmiling

    I’m a product junkie too when it come to my hair and skin, I investigate the ingredients to make sure it’s has the natural ingredients to maintain a healthy tress. I stumble across Beautiful Textures at a beauty supply store while looking for another product line. I said I would try it since I had just seen advertisment on the internet and was blow away with the results.

  2. Cherice

    I purchased BT since I’m a total product junkie. I really liked the Moisture Butter and Rapid Recovery Deep Conditioner. It really made for a really soft wash n go which I love. My only complaint was the texture of the Rapid Recovery. It ran all down my neck and shoulders when I used it. But the results were worth the messy shirt.

  3. Petula Wright

    I’m a product junkie as well and also won Beautiful Textures through their Facebook contest. I had the same response as you did when I won… I’m going to post my review one day soon — if I ever catch up on everything! LOL… I really love the products. They works fabulously for my middle daughter and myself. Just okay on my youngest daughter and my oldest, who is off on her own, has only tried the protective oil for heat styling. My middle daughter has hair for days – just like you! – and I love how it keeps her waves and curls moisturized and healthy. It’s the first product that I can definitely see (and not just feel) the positive results in her hair and mine.

    Great review.

    1. Roni Lee Post author

      Cool and congrats on winning Petula! I’m so glad that the products work for you and you middle daughter. Isn’t it such a great feeling when you find products that work and are affordable?


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