Natural Hair: TRIMMED!

I finally had my natural hair trimmed and man was it looooong over due. My ends were ratchet…lol. I had single strand knots, super dry ends and split ends that went both up and down the hair shaft. I had put off having my natural hair trimmed for months…yes, months, almost 6 to be exact. I had every intention of attempting to trim it myself, which I’ve done before, but the thought alone made me cringe….the washing process can be so time-consuming much less adding another step. Then I was hesitant about finding a stylist just because everyone isn’t familiar with natural hair. But I just couldn’t wait any longer, my hair was a mess and was really starting to look it…I had to get my natural hair trimmed ASAP!

Well, if you know me then you that sometimes I can be a bit impulsive even when it comes to my hair. So I was out shopping with the kiddos last week and passed Famous Hair, a local salon in my area. I peeked through to see if there were any stylist that I could relate to (if you catch my drift) and there were two. I walked in, explained to one of the stylist what I needed and she stated that it could be done. I prepped my hair the night before by washing and detangling it myself…like I said not everyone is knowledgable about natural hair. Anyway the next morning I headed to the salon rocking two pigtails with my baby boy in tow to have my natural hair trimmed.

The night before.

The process begins…

Almost done…lol

It didn’t take long at all for her to trim my ends. I’m glad I went in with my hair already prepped and detangled; I’m sure that made the process a lot easier for both the stylist and myself. I asked for a few layers just to give my hair some body and dimension. The stylist did most of cutting on dry hair but did end up wetting it to add the layers, which was cool but I totally forgot get pictures of that (sorry).

Didn’t look like much came off.

I felt pretty good when I left the salon. I didn’t get that “OMG she cut off all my hair” feeling while I was there. And from the picture above I was confident that she didn’t shave my head…lol. After my trim I went home, washed my hair again and I could immediately feel a difference in my hair, in a good way. I styled my hair as usual in my favorite go to style, the braidout and went to bed. Check out the final results the next day…

Tired eyes…smh.

Left side…see the layers?

The right side…ignore the unblended part (lol).

Overall I’m pleased with the final outcome of my hair. My hair looks a lot shorter but the stylist only took off about 1.5 inches, which isn’t much. Before the trim my hair was just below my bra strap in the back and now it is right above it. I have a little bit more shrinkage which shows that my ends were just hanging there weighing my hair down. I definitely needed to have them cut and I’m glad I did!

Do you have your natural hair trimmed professionally?

6 thoughts on “Natural Hair: TRIMMED!

  1. alijenks311

    My hair is only about 4 inches so I just did my first trim about a month ago. Love the results and your hair looks so nice and fluffly…lol But after getting a 2nd Big Chop in February (not a trim) I vowed to learn to do it myself until I found someone I was comfortable with.

    1. Roni Post author

      I know how you feel, its hard finding someone you trust to trim your hair especially since so many stylist get scissor happy. lol

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  3. Sheena

    Hi! i live in GA and was wondering what salon you went to? I need a trim…badly and I dont want a scissor happy stylist and I dont know where to start looking.

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