Operation Get Yo’ Life: Part 1


Well, its October already, fall is officially here and the holiday season if right around the corner. Where does the time go?

Did you know that there are only 90 days left in this year? It seems like just yesterday I was eating black-eyed peas and spouting off my New Year’s resolutions, half of which I don’t even remember. smh And the other half I didn’t keep, which is even worse.

Since the move to Georgia (well way before that but whose counting), I’ve been feeling overwhelmed and frustrated. And I’m sure some would ask why? how? aren’t you a SAHM? But let me tell you this job ain’t easy. And not to mention I’m easily distracted by the littlest thing…natural hair, makeup, shopping, FB and the list goes on. Sad I know .So today I started reflecting on all of the great things that have happened throughout this year so far and all I can say is God sure is good! With that being said, I have no reason what so ever to walk around stressed, frustrated or overwhelmed…I’m too blessed! So I’ve decided to challenge myself over the next 90 days by improving some things that just can’t wait until 2013.

Operation Get Yo’ Life starts now! I’ve decided to make some lifestyle changes and to become more organized. I’ve been researching, brainstorming and creating some things to help me get my life! lol

Here is what I’m working on…

  • Calendars and schedules for both myself and the kiddos
  • A personalized blog planner
  • Menus/Meal Planner
  • Workout Regimen
  • Diet/Eating Habits

I plan on sharing my progress with y’all real soon. I’m hoping that I will have my life together (or at least as together as it can get) before the new year!

What are you doing with the 90 days left in 2012?



8 thoughts on “Operation Get Yo’ Life: Part 1

  1. Daphne aka "Mushy Mamma"

    This is so crazy, my friend and I were just talking about this. I am so disappointed with myself the year is almost over and I havent done one thing I said I was going to . SMH… I told my friend well it’s not too late starting today until the end of the year, I am going to try doing more community service, get myself healthier and move my life in a positive direction. Thank You for writing this post, I was feeling like a low-self thinking I am the only person who feels like they haven’t accomplished a thing, despite the fact that I am not working right now. I have similar distractions as you FB, blogging, blog reading, day dreaming, shopping, lunching and the list goes on.

    1. Roni Post author

      Girl you are definitely not alone, so don’t feel bad. I say go for and start working on those things you want to accomplish…you can do it! =)

    1. Blutifulblaq

      Being a SAHM is NOT easy! I have been lne for the past 21 months and while I enjoyed bonding with my son, I’m ready to go bk to work. I start in a few weeks and I think we will both enjoy a short break from each other. For the next 90 days I will be relocating, adjusting to that, and getting use to our schedule change.


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