Merry Christmas

“For there is born to you this day in the city of David a Savior, who is Christ the Lord.”

Luke 2:11


 Merry CHRISTmas from my family to yours!


Just Another MANICure Monday: Oh Christmas Tree

Christmas is just two days away! Can you believe it?!?! This year has flown by, before you know it we’ll be ringing in the New Year and making resolutions.

Sometimes I wish I could just push the pause button and give myself a second or two to take it all in. Christmas is such an exciting time of year! I absolutely love it. So of course this week’s MANICure is Christmas inspired.




What are you rocking on your nails this MANICure Monday? Are you rocking a holiday inspired mani? What do you love about the holiday season?

Don’t forget to check out the Holiday Hair Giveaway going on over on YouTube!


I did it!


I did it! Yes! Finally after a whole year of procrastinating, I did it! I now have my Vision Board completed and hanging on my wall. I’m so ready for the new year!

2014 here I come!

The process

The process

The rough draft

The rough draft

Y’all know I struggled with getting my vision board started but I’m happy to say it ended up being a lot easier than I thought (once I committed). And I even finished well ahead of my set deadline…woot! And although I’m still not quite what my “vision” is for my future, I do see somewhat of a pattern on my board. I highly recommend that everyone do a vision board at least once…it was such awesome feeling when I hung my vision board on my wall!


I’m so excited about 2014! Are you?

Have you created a vision board before? Do you plan on creating a Vision Board for 2014? What goals have you set for 2014?

#TeamNatural: To Cut or Not to Cut?


So I’ve been natural going on 5 years now, including my transition. And let me just say, I absolutely love my natural hair, on most days. Now don’t get me wrong, I have no desire to relax my tresses again but the day-to-day maintenance is no joke. I recently straightened my hair and was in absolute awe. My hair is the longest it’s ever been and I couldn’t believe it. And that is where the problem lies…

Long hair don’t care…*humph* that’s only when I don’t have to wash or style it.


I’m sure y’all may think I’m crazy and are wondering why the length would be my problem, right? See I like to consider myself as a low-maintenance girl when it comes to my hair, in fact my motto is to keep it simple. And although my styling and wash routine are pretty basic, it still takes me forever to do it. I will admit that over the past year or so, I’ve become a bit lazy with my hair. Just thought of having to re-twist my hair at night makes me gag, so most nights I rock a pineapple. And I’ve tried the whole protective styling thing but that too is a time-consuming process and weaves/wigs aren’t really my thing.

To cut or not to cut?

It’s happened three times here recently…I’m getting ready in the morning and the hair struggle begins. Spraying my hair with water, adding oil and stylers, trying to brush it and *sigh*…a voice in my head says, “where are the scissors?” I end up fighting the urge to shave my head, like really its a battle. I push on through and I usually end up looking a mess by the head simply due to the frustration of it all. Yes, I do blame myself and the fact that I’m just to lazy to fool with my hair but something has got to give. My solution is to cut it…But the question is, how short? I would love to shave it all off but I think the hubs would just die so I’m searching for a happy medium. Here’s what I’ve found so far….

The Curly Bob

Source: Pinterest

Source: Pinterest

Ok so I’ve had my hair cut similar to the bob before. I went in for a trim and some layers and ended up leaving with a bob-ish cut…I loved it! But this time around I’m thinking of going a little shorter. I want to maintain some length so I can at least pin-up my twist and rock a “ponypuff.” So to cut or not to cut is the question…

What do y’all think? Should I go for the bob or leave it be? Or should I just go all out and shave it off? What have been some of your recent hair challenges?

**Please note I do not own any of the photos in the collage above, they are photos that I admire and have borrowed from Pinterest for style inspiration**

MANICure Monday: Black Friday Edition


Whew! It’s December already and the countdown to Christmas and New Year’s is in full effect! Can you believe it?

Well, this week’s mani is inspired by Black Friday, which I’m aware was last week…better late than never, right? I had every intention of polishing my nails on Thanksgiving eve but totally lost all track of time. I ended up putting off until I just didn’t feel like doing it at all. *sigh* But despite my busted nails I did enjoy myself. I had an awesome Thanksgiving break! It’s always a good time when you spend it with family and friends.

Loreal's Sparklicious; Essie's Sand Tropez; WnW's Ebony Hates Chris; Milani's Art of Silver

Loreal’s Sparklicious; Essie’s Sand Tropez; WnW’s Ebony Hates Chris; Milani’s Art of Silver

Manicure Monday: Black Friday Edition

Manicure Monday: Black Friday Edition

Manicure Monday: Black Friday Edition

Manicure Monday: Black Friday Edition

Here are few outtakes from Black Friday…the inspiration behind this week’s mani.

Black Friday

What are you rocking on your nails this week? Did you go out on Black Friday?


It’s All About the Lips

“Your look is not complete until you add lipgloss. It is all about the lips!”

-Laurie Best, Lip Factory Inc. CEO


This month’s Lip Factory Inc. Beauty Box is definitely all about the lips! Like I mentioned in a previous post, I immediately fell in love with Lip Factory Inc. and this month’s box did not disappoint! Not only did it arrive in a timely manner, the presentation was awesome too. This month’s box was filled with nothing but lip products. And as we all know adding a little pop to your lips is a great to switch up your look for the holidays.

Undead by Medusa's Makeup

Undead by Medusa’s Makeup

Chianti by Palladio Herbal Lipstick

Chianti by Palladio Herbal Lipstick

Talk Talk Us by Medusa's Makeup

Talk Talk Us by Medusa’s Makeup

Tango by MODELCo.

Tango by MODELCo.

Plum Enticing by Designer Skin

Plum Enticing by Designer Skin

Retractable Lip Brush

Retractable Lip Brush

I loved the lip colors in this month’s box! I’m not quite sure where I’d rock Undead by Medusa’s Makeup but the tubing is amazing. And I really love that the MODELCo. Lipstick tube has a built-in mirror on the side, it’s a simple feature that adds so much, like extra room in my clutch…lol. The verdict still stands, I highly recommend Lip Factory Inc. Beauty Box to all my beauty junkies and newbies to makeup! It’s definitely an affordable service, just $22/month and as you can see it’s filled with quality products.

What’s your favorite product in this month’s Lip Factory Inc. Beauty Box? Do you agree that it’s definitely all about the lips this month? Do you have a favorite lip shade for the holiday season?

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