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Favorite Summer Hair

Hey y’all,

It has been sooo hot around here…I’m talking about that “I can’t breathe about to pass out when I open the door” kinda heat. So I’ve been rocking my hair up, off my neck and out of my face for the past few weeks. Here are some of my favorite looks…

The High Bun

The Twist’n Bun


Braids Pinned Up

How have you been rocking your hair?

July Thrifted Finds

Hey y’all!

I know it’s been minute since I shared my thrifted finds with y’all. But I really haven’t been thrifting as much lately, I’ve been super busy with traveling and prepping the fam for a big move (I’ll share deets on that later.) However, I did get to have a little thrifting fun with my besties last week and I found some really great stuff. Check it out…

Have you thrifted any goodies lately?

Anniversary Getaway!

Hey Savvy Readers!

I had an awesome weekend! The hubs and I were able to ditch  drop off the kiddos with my parents and head for a mini getaway in Atlanta. We were celebrating out six-year anniversary. Initially we were just going to “hang out” in the A, eat good and do a little shopping (I’ve been dying to check out H&M). But my hubby called me from work Thursday to let me know that we were going to see the new Tyler Perry play, “Madea Gets a Job.” I was super excited! The play definitely exceeded my expectations! And guess who was in the audience, sitting only a few seats away??? OPRAH WINFREY!!! Yes, Oprah was literally a row behind us and about eight seats away…how cool was that! Your girl was rubbing elbows with celebs that night (lol).  I tried to take a picture but the lighting wouldn’t allow me to get a good one. But trust me it was her! And Bobbi Kristina was sitting near us too! Can you say brownie points for the hubby for planning that evening…lol.

Ready for a night out on the town!

Me and the hubby!

I kept my makeup & hair simple.

Close up of accessories.

Check out the pictures of our celebrity sightings…lol.

Bobbie Kristina

Oprah Winfrey...I tried hard to get a good picture. LOL

Sunday before heading back to reality, we hit up one of my hubby’s favorite spots, Michon’s and it was yummy.

Live music at Michon's.

My plate!

And dessert...Red Velvet Cake.

We had a really good time! My hubby is great at planning getaways. We had decided not to exchange gifts but of course my hubby surprised me anyway. He is such an amazing guy!

I hope you all had a great weekend too! I’m still gearing up for my birthday and the freebies are steadily rolling in. I have a few product reviews coming soon. And if you have any requests, questions or comments please leave them below or send me an email. Until next time…

~Stay Savvy!

Outfit: Dress – Ross $14.99; Bracelet & ring – gifted from Mom; Earrings – Target; Shoes – Target; Clutch – Claire’s $4.99

Splatter Nails!

Hey Savvy Readers!

You all know I love nail designs and funky prints. So when I came across this post on Motor City Moxie the other day and was instantly inspired. Her Splatter Nails were cute and so simple to recreate. Check out my take on the Splatter Nails below…

What I used:

  • Nail polish of your choice. I used four different colors but you can use as many as you like.
  • Base coat and top coat of your choice. I used Orly Bonder Rubberized Basecoat and Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Top Coat.
  • Coffee straws cut in half.
  • Q-tips and nail polish remover (not pictured) for clean up.

From left to right: NYC in 238 Moma; Milani in 11A Silver Stilettos; Revlon Top Speed in 730 Royal and NYC in 294 Lexington Yellow

After polishing my nails with the NYC polish in 294 Lexington Yellow, I dipped my coffee straw in the Revlon Top Speed polish in 730 Royal then blew it onto my nails. There is really no right or wrong way to do it. I did practice I few times by blowing the polish onto a piece a paper to make sure I didn’t make a huge mess. I did the same process for the other two polish colors and finally applied the Sally Hansen Insta-Dry Top Coat. I cleaned up using my q-tips and nail polish remover.

What y’all think? I love them! I think they are funky, bring and perfect for Spring. I will definitely be doing this again using different polishes. Thanks Motor City Moxie for the inspiration! Let me know if you decide to give this look a try, I would love to know how it turns out. Until next time…

~Stay Savvy!

Nailed it!

Hey “Savvy Readers!”

It’s the weekend! And I don’t know about you but I have been looking for Friday since Monday…And one of my favorite things to do during the weekend is to give myself a mini manicure (I give myself pedicures too but I will leave that for another post). I used to go to the nail salon all the time when I was younger but I realized that it was both time-consuming and expensive.  So as a result, I fell in love with nail polish. And recently, I have been experimenting with designs and glitter polishes. So much so that I wanted to share some of my favorites with you…

I call this one “Purple Bling”…..

And this last picture is by my favorite nail design to date….

I hope you liked the pictures and nail art! If you have any questions, comments or tutorial requests please shoot me an email or leave a comment below. And I hope all you “Savvy Readers” have an awesome weekend! =)

Red Tails…Date Night Edition

Hey “Savvy Readers!” As you can tell from the title I had another opportunity to kick it with my favorite guy! (Shout-out to our awesome parents that watch the kiddos, allowing us a few hours of grown-up kid-free fun!) So, this Friday we enjoyed mexican at Cantina’s and watched the awesome movie Red Tails! This is a must see film inspired by the heroic Tuskegee Airman. And in their honor patrons were asked to wear red hence the inspiration behind the outfit chosen for the evening. I opted for another casual look since I would be sitting in a packed, chilly theater for a couple of hours. I rocked my hair in high bun because this was a last-minute date and my hair was looking a mess. I kept my makeup simple as well, I went for a neutral eye but instead of my normal brown eye liner I used black. Let me know what you think…

Cami: JC Penny; Shirt: Thrifted; Blazer: TJ Maxx (years ago); Jeans: Target; Boots: Christmas gift from Hubby (a few years back); Purse: Gifted from my awesome cousin; Earrings: Target; Bracelets & watch: Gifted from Mom; Necklace: Mother’s Day gift


If you didn’t get a chance to catch Red Tails this weekend, I strongly suggest you do soon. I promise the movie will not disappoint. And if by some chance you haven’t heard of this awesome film, check out the trailer below.

“My First Mini Drugstore & Thrifting Haul” Video

Hey “Savvy Readers!” I’ve been in a bit of a “thrifting rut” lately and my creative juices have just stopped flowing. I think it’s the result of my desire need to clean out my closet and rid myself of a few unused items. So as a result, my last few visits to the thrift store have left me feeling sa bit”BLAH!” But despite the lack of enthusiasm while there, I did manage to score a few pieces. I also had a chance to hit up a few CVS stores and I found a few goodies there too. Check out the video of my findings…Enjoy!


Have any of you scored any goodies lately, please share?

Hangin’ with the Hubby

Me and the Hubby

Hey “Savvy Readers!” I hope your weekend was as awesome as mine! I was out super late on Friday, which is quite unusual for me, hanging with the hubby. Our “date night” was a blast…we laughed, enjoyed great company (especially each other) and ate good. I felt like a college kid again out until 2am and I enjoyed every minute being with my favorite guy. But as always I was quickly thrust back into reality at 6:15am Saturday morning when my three-year old tapped me on the shoulder…but what can I say, I love being a mom!

Anywho, on to what I wanted to share with you all…”My Date Night Look!” For those of you who may not know, I am a self-proclaimed fashionista! I am constantly on the internet checking out fashion blogs or flipping through the latest fashion mag. My mom always says that “I’m a slave to fashion!” But what can I say…clothes, shoes and makeup make me happy! So on my blog I want to share my love of fashion and show you that you can be super fabulous on a budget. And being a mom doesn’t mean you can’t be fab…it’s totally doable! =) 

Now for my look, this Friday, I went for a more casual look and paired it with a brown smokey eye with an added pop color on the lower lash line. I’m rocking a pair of fabulous over-the-knee boots that my hubby purchased (alone, without my help) and my new favorite earrings. Check out the pictures below and let me know what you think!


Sweater: Target; Cami: JC Penny; Skinnies: Target; Boots: Gifted from Hubby; Bracelet and Ring: Claire's; Earrings: I'Me
I hope you enjoyed the pictures! Did any of you have a fun exciting weekend, let me know?

Tribal Print Inspired Nail Polish

This season tribal print is everywhere. And I haven’t had any luck in my search for the perfect tribal print piece, so when I came across this nail tutorial on YouTube I fell in love. What better way to rock a trend then on your nails.

I opted to wear the design on my toes instead of my fingers (I figured it would last longer).

 Here are the results:

Tribal Print Inspired Polish

Here is a close up of my creation (please refrain from laughing at my toes, thanks!)

Close up of Tribal Print Inspired Nail Polish


Materials used:

Tribal Print Nail Materials

 From left to right:

Revlon Top Speed in Royal 730; Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Top Coat; L.A. Colors Color Craze in BCC 570; Love My Nails in White 560; Kiss Brush on Nail Art Paint in Black; L.A. Colors Art Deco in Red Glitter; Handy dandy toothpick used as my dotting tool (lol)


And here is the video inspiration: