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Happy Mother’s Day

Today we celebrate our moms….


And a special Mother’s Day to my momma! Love you lots!



Hey y’all!

I know it’s been a long, long time since I posted anything and I apologize for taking such an abrupt, unannounced hiatus. But y’all know how life can get sometimes…I just wanted to stop in to say that I’m still here and all is well. I’ve missed y’all over the past few weeks!

I’ll be back to posting regularly this week so be on the look out! And if you have any requests or suggestions about what you would like to see here on The Savvy Housewife just let me know.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!


Positive Thinking Day

Did you know that today was Positive Thinking Day?

Well, it is! A day set aside to celebrate the benefits of positive thinking and we all know how powerful our thoughts can be! “For they become our words, our words become our actions…” y’all know the quote I’m referring too. Below are few of my fav quotes and affirmations I found on Pintrest (oh how I love thee!) Enjoy!



Happy Positive Thinking Day!

Giveaway Alert: The Exquisite Mommy Bath & Body Works Signature Collection Giveaway

Hey Savvy Readers!

The Exquisite Mommy (also know as DeeJ) is hosting her first giveaway! WooHoo! And I had to share this giveaway y’all! She’s giving away a great prize, the Paris Amour Signature Collection from Bath & Body Works and entering is super easy. But hurry the deadline to enter is May 6. Just click the link below for more details!

Bath & Body Works® Signature Collection Giveaway: Paris Amour.

Good luck and until next time…

~Stay Savvy!

The Results Are In….

Hey “Savvy Readers!”

I got a call yesterday concerning “The Next Rimmel 10” contest. Unfortunately, I didn’t make it into the top ten. *tear* First let me start by thanking each and every one of you that voted for me in this contest. It really meant a lot to me and I really appreciate your support. For a moment, okay a few hours, I let it get me down and I had a little pity party. And not to mention I was just getting over a stomach bug and receiving the call on Valentine’s Day just made everything worse (at least for me).   But thanks to my mom, hubby and close friend I was encouraged to focus on the positives of participating in the contest. (1) The “Rimmel 10” contest pushed me to do my first YouTube video, which I had been putting off for the longest. (2) I was then encouraged to blog more and now I love it more with each post I write. (3) I scored some really awesome, FREE makeup from Rimmel London…and if you know me then you know I love makeup and freebies.

So instead of feeling like a “loser” on Valentine’s Day and ruining it for my boys, I put on my happy face, sucked it up and moved on. Besides you can’t win them all, right? And if I focus my energy, thoughts and efforts on something I can not change then I’m just simply wasting time. But what really turned my day around, despite the bad news, was my thoughtful hubby. Even though we decided not to exchange gifts, he wanted to cheer me up so he bought me flowers and Gigi’s Cupcakes. He reminded me that even though I’m not in Rimmel’s top ten, I’m still number one in his book. And we shared the evening eating yummy pizza and cupcakes…

So at the end of the day, I really enjoyed my Valentine’s Day and I sure hope you did too. And remember, like I said, you can’t win them all. =0)

After this "yummy goodness" who wouldn't feel like a winner? =)

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Hey “Savvy Readers!”

It’s Valentine’s Day!!! And I am such a sap…this is one of my favorite days. Hearts, balloons, candy, cards…I just love all of it! This year however, my hubby and I decided not to exchange gifts or go out. Instead we are planning a simple night at home with the boys enjoying pizza, cupcakes and TV. But I couldn’t let this day pass by without doing something special for my Valentine…so in lieu of a gift I decided to do a special Valentine’s Day video just for my hubby! Check it out…

I hope you all have an awesome Valentine’s Day filled with love and lots of chocolate!

Things that made me say YAY! in January

Hey “Savvy Readers!” The month of January has come to an end and I must say that it definitely flew by. It was a very busy and exciting month for me…and if this is an indication of how the rest of my year will be then I am soooo ready! Here are a few things that made me do my “happy dance” in January…

I absolutely love my I’Me earrings! They speak volumes!

My Wet’n Wild Vanity Palette. I’ve pulled this palette out everytime I applied eye shadow this month! And now is the time to buy one, from what I understand the Wet’n Wild 6-pan palettes are being discontinued. Right now they are marked 50% off at CVS, if you can still find it.

The L’Oréal Voluminous Million Lashes mascara just does something extra special to my lashes!

These shoes were ten times less than my TOMS but are just as comfortable. So I’ve been rocking the heck out of them since its been so warm lately. Totally loving my “fake” TOMS!

And this guy…my super awesome hubby! I so enjoyed our date nights…we always have a blast (and you see I’m rocking my favorite earrings)!!!


Well, I hope that all of you had an awesome January too! And I would love to know some of the things that made you say YAY! =)