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Shoe Haul – The Hubby Edition

This post is a shout out to the hubs…a few months ago while he was in Phoenix, Arizona he visited Last Chance Nordstrom and brought me back a few goodies. According to the hubs (a fellow bargain shopper), Last Chance Nordstrom is the business! They carry some of the top name brand clothes, shoes and accessories for a fraction of the price. He says its ridiculous! I wasn’t able to find a website but I searched Google and there are few videos out there to give you an idea what to look forward to if you ever decide to visit. Check out the video below to see the fab goodies the hubs scored for me when he went.

Have you ever shopped at Last Chance Nordstrom? What’s your favorite discount retailer?

I went thrifting!

Hey “Savvy Readers!”

This past Monday I hit up my local thrift store and scored some great stuff. The best part is I paid less than $7 for all of my goodies. WOOT! WOOT! Everyone knows that thrifting can be hit or miss and I just love it when I find good stuff. Any who, I wanted to share with you my thrifted finds…check out the video below.



I hope my haul video gave you a little inspiration to hit up your local thrift store. Also keep a look out for an upcoming post and video of me rocking some of my recently thrifted items. And if you have any comments, requests or suggestion please shoot me an email or leave a comment below.

Happy Thrifting! =)

Milani Clearance Haul

Hey “Savvy Readers!” I went shopping again for makeup at my local CVS and I scored some great Milani products on clearance. And if you know me then you know how much I love a sale. I discovered that CVS had several of the Milani products on clearance from one of my favorite make-up blogs…Nouveau Cheap. She posted a list of items that were priced 75% off but were not marked with any signs or stickers. So I took that list into my local CVS, scanned the items she had listed and as she stated they were on sale…WOOT! WOOT! Check out the video to see what I picked up…


I can’t wait to give these products a try, I’ve heard tons of great reviews on Milani. Have any of you tried their products, if not then NOW would be a great time. =) 

“My First Mini Drugstore & Thrifting Haul” Video

Hey “Savvy Readers!” I’ve been in a bit of a “thrifting rut” lately and my creative juices have just stopped flowing. I think it’s the result of my desire need to clean out my closet and rid myself of a few unused items. So as a result, my last few visits to the thrift store have left me feeling sa bit”BLAH!” But despite the lack of enthusiasm while there, I did manage to score a few pieces. I also had a chance to hit up a few CVS stores and I found a few goodies there too. Check out the video of my findings…Enjoy!


Have any of you scored any goodies lately, please share?