My Resolution to Shop Less in 2014

While unpacking from my week-long vacay during the holidays, I became extremely overwhelmed. Ok, that’s a bit of an understatement…I thought I was about to lose my mind. I realized that I have too much stuff! And that’s even after several attempts (month after month) to purge what it is I don’t use, need or wear. So yes, I will admit that I have a problem…

Hi, my name is Roni and I’m a shopaholic!

shopping lol

I truly believe that shopping on any level is therapeutic. And when you pair that with my love for great deals and coupons, my shopping addiction gets even worse. So I’ve decided to challenge myself this year…I will shop less in 2014!

No Shopping

Now I know that most resolutions don’t make it past January. But I’m setting rules and guidelines for myself to help me stick to shopping less this year.

  1. I have shared my resolution with the hubs, a few friends and family members hoping that they will help hold me accountable throughout the year.
  2. From now until the end of March, I putting myself on a strict “no-buy diet.” That means I’m only allowing myself to purchase the necessities (i.e. the staple products I use daily that run out) and nothing else no matter how great of a deal it is. During this time I plan to re-evaluate what is in my closet and purge as needed.
  3. After March, I will re-evaluate my strict “no-buy diet” and decide if I want to treat myself with a mini shopping trip during my birthday month.
  4. Throughout the year I vow to shop my closet more and to be more creative with my outfit combinations. No more wearing the same ol’ thing from week to week.
  5. I  will live vicariously through the fashionista’s on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook  and various blogs that so graciously share their shopping hauls. And use their outfit of the day post as sources of inspiration.

Would you like to join me on my quest to shop less in 2014? Have you ever done a no shopping challenge or resolution? What steps did you take to help curve your shopping appetite? What resolutions have you made for 2014? Do you believe in making New Year’s resolutions?

8 thoughts on “My Resolution to Shop Less in 2014

  1. Niecy

    I am currently doing the 21 Day Financial Fast with Michelle Singletary. I’ve done it the past 3 years to set my priorities straight. I am absolutely focused this year on shopping way less and saving way more. I turn 30 this year, and refuse to live the next decade in any debt, so that is my motivation. Plus, being disciplined these first 8 day (haha) has felt great. It’s nice to open up my banking account online and know exactly what is in there (the fast prohibits use of your debit card). Wishing you the best! I’ll be checking back to see your updates!

    1. Roni Post author

      Thanks so much for stopping by Niecy! I will definitely have to take a look at the 21 Day Financial Fast. And that’s awesome that you are working to get out of debt…I need to work on that too.

  2. Nicole L.

    Great post. I can relate because a few years ago when I bought my first home I had to stop shopping because I couldn’t afford handbags and purses AND my mortgage and bills. SO, here’s a few things that really helped me: Sleep on it. If you don’t want it enough to drive back and get it the next day, you didn’t really want it that much (IMO. Also, sometimes it’s gone the next day so it’s a risk). Secondly, Ask yourself, how soon will I wear this? If I don’t wear a new purchase within 3-4 days, I consider it a sign I didn’t really need/want it…. just a few tips!!! 🙂 Good luck with your resolution.

    1. Roni Post author

      Thanks so much for the additional tips. I’m definitely an impulse shopper so these tips will help me a lot after March.

  3. Anointed Heels (@anointedheels)

    I put myself on a buying ban until Easter. I don’t even go thrifting, cause that’s always my problem, you can’t pass prices at the thrifting store, so i’m not even going. I’ll definitely be praying for you LOL keep a sister lifted over here.
    I still have to get food from target pray protection from the red eye monster LOL

    1. Roni Post author

      Easter!!! I’m not sure I could hold out that long…lol. But I’m like you, I will be avoiding the thrift stores too. I’ll definitely keep you on my prayer list especially since you still have to step foot into Target.

  4. cambibsandbaubles

    I need to do the same. My closet is out of control. I just wore a dress that I had never worn – I bought it five years ago. Yes, I have a problem!

    1. Roni Post author

      Not five years ago though, I can’t even talk…I’ve done the same thing, lol. Feel free to join me in the no-buy diet for the next three months. We can be each others support system. =)


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