MANICure Monday: Black Friday Edition


Whew! It’s December already and the countdown to Christmas and New Year’s is in full effect! Can you believe it?

Well, this week’s mani is inspired by Black Friday, which I’m aware was last week…better late than never, right? I had every intention of polishing my nails on Thanksgiving eve but totally lost all track of time. I ended up putting off until I just didn’t feel like doing it at all. *sigh* But despite my busted nails I did enjoy myself. I had an awesome Thanksgiving break! It’s always a good time when you spend it with family and friends.

Loreal's Sparklicious; Essie's Sand Tropez; WnW's Ebony Hates Chris; Milani's Art of Silver

Loreal’s Sparklicious; Essie’s Sand Tropez; WnW’s Ebony Hates Chris; Milani’s Art of Silver

Manicure Monday: Black Friday Edition

Manicure Monday: Black Friday Edition

Manicure Monday: Black Friday Edition

Manicure Monday: Black Friday Edition

Here are few outtakes from Black Friday…the inspiration behind this week’s mani.

Black Friday

What are you rocking on your nails this week? Did you go out on Black Friday?


8 thoughts on “MANICure Monday: Black Friday Edition


    That’s a gorgeous mani! I unfortunately have nothing on my nails because my 10 month old would never give me enough time to paint my nails and let them dry before needing my attention lol. One day I’ll have fly nails again 🙂

    1. Roni Post author

      Thanks! I know what you’re going through, I have a 12, 5 and 4 year old boys…I have them on a decent schedule and I out them to bed early enough so I have plenty of me time. LOL

  2. Naturally Stellar

    This week I experimented with polka dots and a nice green color from Sinful Colors called Aspen . I love your nails & those wnw speed dry polishes are great!


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