Wash N’ Go Attempt Round 2

 Last summer I shared with you my first attempt at a wash n’ go here, the results were so-so….well, I decided to give it another go. I’ve been saying since the weather has gotten warmer that I wanted to try my luck at WnG’s again and I’ve decided that my goal this summer is master the technique.

Now I’m not completely new to WnG’s, of course I’ve watched more than my fair share of tutorials and when I was natural years (and I mean years) ago that is all I ever did. I would wet my hair every morning (year-round, call me crazy) add gel and then go. Back then I thought the results were amazing, my hair was considerably shorter then and the only complaint was that my hair was hard from using only gel of course.

So randomly today, after hitting the gym (btw you can check out my Tips for Working Out with Natural Hair over on L4L <—-shameless plug, I know) I decided that I was going to do a WnG today. I was thinking since I loved the effect of gel on my WnG’s years ago that I would add it to my routine this time around. And since I’ve also been using the heck out of the Cantu Shea Butter for Natural Hair line (and loving it) that I would use the Moisturizing Curl Activator Cream too. Check out the results….

Freshly co-washed,  product free hair.

Freshly co-washed, product free hair.

Products used.

Products used.

Wet hair with products.

Wet hair with products.

Hair almost 50% dry...I had to add a part.

Hair almost 50% dry…I had to add a part.

Hair about 75% dry...excuse the face, the sun was bright.

Hair about 75% dry…excuse the face, the sun was bright.

100% dry

100% dry

Side view

Side view

Close up

Close up

Overall I think the WnG turned out pretty good. I love how the Cantu Shea Butter for Natural Hair Curl Activator Curling Cream, helps my curls pop. But I’ve noticed in past uses that it leaves a bit of a residue on my hair, so we will see. It also doesn’t pair that well with the gel, I had to really massage and work the product combo in…and I ain’t nobody got time for that *in my Sweet Brown voice. My only other complaint is that my hair feels dry so I’ll have to work on that too. I will say I’m happy that it didn’t take forever and a day for my hair to dry, which means I can do this style and go. Like I said my goal is to perfect the WnG this summer….wish me luck!

What do you use to do your WnG’s? What’s your favorite natural hair style? Have you ever tried the Cantu Shea Butter for Natural Hair line?

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