DIY: Cake Carrier Upgrade

Dear Pinterest, oh how I love thee…lol.

Inspiration Interpetation

So I’ve been stung by the DIY bug again…thanks to Pinterest. A few weeks back I came across this simple DIY that allows you to personalize an inexpensive cake carrier from Wal-Mart. Well I’m not a professional baker or anything remotely close to it. But I do enjoy the hobby and often bake cakes for my fam, friends, church, etc. And I when I saw the personalized cake carriers I thought it was such a cute idea. Not to mention its a great way to label my stuff so it doesn’t grow legs and runaway…lol.

The first pin I came across that inspired this DIY didn’t provide any instruction but led me to a site that sold the personalized cake carriers for $20+…I’m not knocking their hustle but I’ll pass. So I decided to google it. Again several of the sites sold the personalized cake carries and I only found a few that actually provided instructions on how to actually do it. The few sites that did, mentioned using a circut machine, a machine used to create and cut vinyl letters/shapes. And the machines alone cost anywhere from $89 up $349. *insert side eye*

Of course I have no need for a circut machine, at this moment, so I got to thinking…aren’t the wall art removable/reuseable stickers made of vinyl? You know the ones you can use to decorate a child’s room with all the cool characters, sports teams and such without damaging your walls. Yep, those. So again I hit up google and just so happened to come across one of my fav deal/mom bloggers Birmingham Bargain Mom. She stated that the you can use the vinyl letters from Micheals or Hobby Lobby to decorate you cake carrier…woot!

Well to kick off my kiddos Spring Break, I decided to take them to the Dollar Tree…don’t judge me, it doesn’t take much to make my kids happy, lol. While walking the isles what did I see? Vinyl wall art and yes it was just a $1! Woot! Jackpot! So of course I had to buy it and as soon as I got home I decorated my cake carrier.

The vinyl letters and shapes from the Dollar Tree.

The vinyl letters and shapes from the Dollar Tree.

Materials for this DIY:

  • Cake carrier (Wal-mart, Target, etc.)
  • Vinyl Letters and Shapes (Dollar Tree, Micheals, Hobby Lobby, etc.)


The finished product.

The finished product.

The back/side

The back/side

The other back/side

The other back/side

This DIY was really inexpensive, I only spent $4 and I still have vinyl letters/shapes left over for future DIY projects. Although my lettering isn’t as fancy as some of the one’s I saw on Pinterest I think the cake carrier turned out really cute. And it definitely fits my personality. I may add some ribbon on the handle for a little extra spunk too. And then all I have to do is bake a cake to put in it…lol.

What do you think about the cake carrier? Will any of you bakers be doing this simple DIY:Cake Carrier Upgrade? What projects/DIY have you found on Pinterest?

9 thoughts on “DIY: Cake Carrier Upgrade

    1. Roni Post author

      Hey Bridgette!

      I didn’t use anything to seal the letters. I haven’t had any problems with them pealing off either. But instead of submerging it when I wash I usually wipe it down or spot clean. I’ve been lucky not to get anything on it that required major scrubbing.

  1. melissa

    Love it! I’ve been looking up all kinds of ways/ideas to decorate cake carriers and most need the cricut machine. Not interested in buying one of those! This is great info!


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