DIY: Spring Wreath

Like I mentioned in a previous post, I have become totally obsessed with Pinterest. I’ve been on the social site for quite some time but never really understood or appreciated its purpose until recently. I mean Pinterest is filled with some the most amazing and simple DIY projects, so what’s not to love.

Anyway, I moved last year and my new neighbor always has some of the cutest holiday/seasonal wreaths on her door. I asked where she got them from and she said that someone had made them, which is what inspired my latest DIY. After searching and repining several wreaths on Pinterest I came across one that was simple, affordable and super cute.

The inspiration

The inspiration (Photo credit: Pinterest)

Now let me say this, I can be a bit impulsive sometimes, especially when I get excited, lol. So about two months ago, in my excitement, I headed to Hobby Lobby and purchased some burlap ribbon with a black paisley(ish) print on it. The dilemma was deciding what color artificial flowers I wanted to add, then I discovered that those flowers weren’t cheap so I decided to create my own but I still had no idea what colors to make them. Well, I was sitting at the kitchen table one day looking at these beautiful flowers from my wonderful hubby (insert kissy face) and it hit me…pink is my fav color so pink flowers it is.

My flower inspiration

My flower inspiration

So after deciding on the color for the flowers I went back and forth about how I wanted to make them. The inspiration wreath used felt material, which is easy to find and affordable. But when I attempted her method, it looked a mess. I then decided to use fabric but I was a silky/satiny look, but I wasn’t trying to spend too  much money. And one day while dropping off my son, a few crafty moms were talking about a local fabric shop that had inexpensive fabric. So being the impulsive person that I am I went there that day and I found exactly what I was looking for well within my budget.

The naked wreath, printed burlap and scrap fabric.

The naked wreath, printed burlap and scrap fabric.

The process I used to create the flowers was a bit time-consuming but well worth it. I don’t know how many circles I traced and cut out. After burning my fingers a few times with the hot glue, I even contemplated giving up and just buying some. But I personally think the end results are more rewarding.

The process of creating the flowers.

The process of creating the flowers.

I used the same technique for all the flowers. I burned the edges of the pink flowers for texture and I added rhinestones to the white one for a little extra sparkle.

Flowers 2

I think I wrapped the wreath too tight because I ended up running out of burlap and I refused to purchase any more. I ended up covering the empty space with flowers. I think it turned out nicely and I don’t think you can tell at all. I’ll definitely be prepared next time though.

The finished wreath.

The finished wreath.

Spring Wreath


Spring Wreath 2

I absolutely love the end result! I’m so proud of my handmade flowers…lol. And I’m proud to say that the entire DIY cost me less than $20. WOOT!!!

6 thoughts on “DIY: Spring Wreath

    1. Roni Post author

      Thanks so much. Even though you can’t a wreath on the outside you could create one for the inside. I was thinking about making something to hang on my pantry door.


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