The School Blues

So if you have been wondering why post have been few and far between lately it’s because I’m back in the 6th grade…not literally. But my oldest started 6th grade this year and its been a rocky start to say the least. In fact things have been a bit out of whack the past few months…We recently moved to another state, the farthest away we’ve ever been from our family and friends and we all trying to adjust. My son is having to get used to the whole “middle school thing”…changing classes, lockers and gym. Not to mention the girls look like “real” teenagers now (his words not mine) and like the old folks used to say he’s beginning to smell himself. So it’s no wonder that we are (all) going through some growing pains around here.

It’s amazing how much has changed since I was in the 6th grade and even more amazing how much I’ve forgotten. We hit the ground running with homework and studying as soon as we get home from school. And it doesn’t end until bedtime. We are struggling to fit everything in…It’s ridiculous! But I’ll give the kid credit. He’s been working extra hard lately (and we have too) and it’s paying off. He received his mid-semester progress report and has A & B’s. WOOT! WOOT! plus a sigh of relief.

Right now we are trying to work on time management and creating a schedule, in hopes that we can become more efficient in the afternoon. Because staying up late is not the business…lol. So I apologize for being MIA lately, it’s definitely been with good reason. I promise I will be back to posting on a regular basis soon!

If you have any tips on time management, scheduling or study tips for middle schoolers PLEASE share! =)

10 thoughts on “The School Blues

  1. A Pinterest Addict

    Oh my goodness, we are going through the same thing over here too! My son just started sixth grade this year also. He has a very short attention span, so homework takes forever. If you figure out how to make it easier/shorter/less stressful, let me know!!

  2. Tonya

    Hey Roni!
    I recently came across the Pomodoro Technique! I have been using the priniciples and I have accomplished more in these past few weeks than I ever could have imagined.

    Although I am not a die-hard Pomodoro practicer, I do do the following:
    1. use a timer
    2. set it for 30 minutes
    3. work on that task until it is completed
    4. stop after 25 minutes == to detach from the task
    5. usually I am finished … and this is the amazing part to me!

    After I am done, I move on to something else, but not always with the timer. I only use the timer when I have been procrastinating on something or something needs to be done that I really don’t feel like doing!

    Hope this helps! Here is the link

  3. Sophia C.

    Hi! We moved this past January and it has been hectic. Having a last year middle schooler girl and 2 boys in elementary we are loaded with HW, sports, school activities, church, school lunch, reading,dinner and bedtime. It was confusing so I made a school corner in the living room with a desk calendar to stay on top of dates & events, we have a travel bookbag(paper, pencils, glue, scissors, etc.)that stays in the car for on the go sports/activites so the little ones can do HW.

    The middle schooler adapted well and yes her class mates look my age discussing and doing the most. She also suffers with severe migraines but has maintained her grades with A’s and B’s. We’ve realized that she has made it to the “wanna be left alone/private” stage…we don’t do that in this house-lol! I think they have to realize that now they have to start holding their own and so do we as parents because their actually getting a taste of the crazy world as middle schoolers. We let her do HW and if she needs our help we help. We are often riding doing watever for the kids in the evenings so we do HW, study and read in the car, when we get home the kids are bathing and we’re cooking or we
    may pick sumthin up on the way home! You can mark wats for dinner on the calendar/ days you’ll cook or

    1. Roni Post author

      I’m definitely going to have to get a calander and schedule together (something I’ve been putting off…smh). I think I’m going to have to get the homework materials in one central location too, to help him stay focused. My son hasn’t really hit that “leave me alone” stage just yet but I know its coming. And like y’all we won’t be doing that “private” thing either…you don’t get real privacy until you get your own house…lol. Thanks so much for the tips!

  4. glossedmimi

    My son is only in the first grade and he is going through this non listening stage and it is driving me crazy. Maybe its just getting back into the groove of school that has everybody off.


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