There is Purpose

Hey y’all!

This post may be a bit wordy but I promise it is with good reason…About a month ago I was sitting at a dinner table with a few friends and a couple of strangers…and the question “What do you all do?” came up. Everyone went around the table stating their profession, some were teachers, engineers, bankers and even a veterinarian. Oh yeah and me, the stay at home mom. Can you say insignificant? Well at least that was how I was feeling at that moment. But I sucked it, held it together and tried my very best to brush off that feeling. A few weeks went by and I was good. Then I was having a conversation with someone about being a SAHM and they mentioned that their friend couldn’t handle that lifestyle because she felt like her life had no value. Really? I had no comeback for that one…again I just kept my cool and tried not to let that “small feeling” consume me. I was good. Or at least I thought I was. But of course if happened again.

I’m part of an amazing group on Facebook, BLMgirls. These ladies are awesome, inspiring and supportive…I love the group. Well, a few weeks later one of the BLMgirls, posed a question asking “what everyone did professionally?” And I was blown away with the responses…doctors, lawyers, teachers, nurses, I mean the list was pretty amazing. I posted that I was SAHM anyway, even though that same old record started playing in my head…

Needless to say I’ve been beating myself up lately. But despite that dreadful “you so lame” music that I keep hearing, there is a voice inside shouting even louder “YOU HAVE PURPOSE!!!” And boy am I glad that I’m reminded of that fact. See, even though I don’t have all the accolades, titles or positions professionally or publicy…I know that God has something great in store for my life (and for yours too). He created us all with purpose! And even though I have a really hard time seeing or understanding what God is doing sometimes, I have faith that it will all work for my good. It’s so easy to get caught up in comparisons and all the shoulda, woulda, couldas. But I recently read a quote by Theodore Roosevelt that sums it all up…”Comparison is the thief of joy.” And that couldn’t be more true…I was so busy comparing my career (or the lack there of) to others around me, that I was missing the blessings happening in my own life. I am in this position for a reason (probably several) and I am thankful. God doesn’t make mistakes. 

1 Corinthians 15:10

8 thoughts on “There is Purpose

  1. Creator

    Being a stay at home Mom is one of the most challenging and rewarding job there is.
    No, I take that back. It’s THE most challenging and rewarding job on the planet! I love your inspiring words and hope many SAHM’s will read it.

    Love you much!!

  2. Jean

    This was a really great post. I have to say that while I am not officially a SAHM I have been out of work since the end of April and because I am pregnant I have had a hard time finding work. My family told me I should just wait for the baby to born and now that it’s close to my pregnancy I really have no choice. Staying at home has really been difficult for me because I am one of those people who definitely defined myself by my job and the titles I held. Sitting home these last 5mths have really been hard on me and made me really question what my purpose is. Like you said I know God has a plan and if I can stop complaining long enough to hear His voice maybe I would know what that is. I’m still a work in progress. Sorry for the long comment.

    1. Roni Lee Post author

      I totally understand how you feel. I’ve been a SAHM for a while and I still struggle with the whole job thing. I will say this though, even when I look back to last year I see the benefits of being at home and the work that God has done in my life. I encourage you to be patient and to continue to trust Him. Our plan is not always His plan…but His plan is so much better.

      And congrats on the new baby mama-to-be. You will definitely apperciate being at home when your little bundle arrives. =)


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