My Wash N’ Go Attempt

Hey y’all!

This was, what I like to call, my first semi-successful attempt at a WnG…I have tried them in the past with no luck. My hair ended up looking a hot mess and I would have to wash it all over again. Being a naturalista, I have seen my fair share of tutorials on how to achieve the perfect WnG and I decided that this time around I would keep the process as simple as I possibly could.

Products used:

  • Garnier Fructis Sleek & Shine Leave in Conditioning Cream
  • Coconut Oil
  • Shea Moisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie

I applied the products (in the order above) to my hair while it was soaking wet. And then I combed through my hair to make sure that the products were evenly distributed. I then towel blotted my hair to remove the excess water/products, put on a headband and allowed my hair to air dry.

It took about two hours (give or take) for my hair to completely dry. I just used hair pins to style the front and to keep it off my face.

I’m still on the fence about WnG’s, the results were so-so. And man was my hair a beast to detangle after wearing it like that for a few days. I guess that means back to the drawing board…*sigh*

What’s your WnG routine?

13 thoughts on “My Wash N’ Go Attempt

  1. Ashley

    Your hair is beautiful! I can’t say that enough. I actually rarely do wash and go’s, BUT… It’s funny because I was just doing some research on how to do them now that my hair is longer. 🙂

  2. Marcia

    It turned out really nice! I am also kind of torn about WnGs because of the tangling. It really takes some trial and error. I find that putting it in a pineapple, or a side pony with a banana clip helps to keep it a bit more stretched and help reduce the tangles. Also using gel helps too, my hair HATES that curl enhancing smoothie and WnG with it was just a mess, tangled and sticky (weird because most people absolutely love that product).

  3. MylahSai

    I really like it! I do WnGs a lot but like you said, the tangling bothers me too. I’m on a journey to find what works best for me. I haven’t tried the curl enhancing smoothie yet, but I think I will.

  4. glossedmimi

    Mine tangles too. Really awful in the middle so I give up on the W n G. Yours turned out cute tho!!

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