Eco Styler Play’ n Stay Review

Hey Savvy Readers,

I have had a chance to try the new Play N’ Stay Edge and Style Control line from Ecoco, Inc. If you wondering, Ecoco, Inc. makes the infamous Eco Styler Olive Oil Styling Gel that most natural hair websites, blogs or vloggers have mentioned. And you can find the Eco Styler Olive Oil Styling Gel listed as one of my fav go-to products here.  With that being said, this company has a reputation for offering some great products. So when I saw that Ecoco, Inc. had a new product line that was alcohol free and designed to whip those edges into shape I just had to give it a try. And the folks over at Ecoco, Inc. were super sweet to send over the entire line of samples for me to test out. Check out my review below…

Play N’ Stay Super Protein

  • Product Claims/Details: “Protein Charged! Style Enhancer! Max edge control styling conditioning gel boosted with natural wheat protein to provide a lustrous, healthy, full body look. Always Alcohol, Flake and Build-Up Free! Style Passionately!”

Play N’ Stay Seaweed

  • Product Claims/Details: “Radiant Definition for Maximum Beauty! Seaweed enriched max edge control styling conditioning gel. Exclusive formula designed to repair broken shafts and split-ends caused by heat exposure. Flawless holds and diamond like shines to illuminate your passion for perfection and beauty. Always Alcohol, Flake and Build-Up Free!”

Play N’ Stay Pure

  • Product Claims/Details: “Pure Style! Pure Passion! Max edge control styling and conditioning gel uniquely formulated with natural cold-pressed Castor Oil to moisturize and clean the scalp, making your hair soft and dazzling all day and night. Always Alcohol, Flake and Build-Up Free!”

Play N’ Stay Olive Oil

  • Product Claims/Details: “Luminous Shine! Sensational Style! Total edge control styling conditioning gel enhanced with pure olive oil to moisturize, protect and nourish the hair. This exclusive formula is beneficial to repair and prevent dry, damaged, or split hair. Always Alcohol, Flake and Build-Up Free!”

Play N’ Stay Super Argan Oil

  • Product Claims/Details: “Brilliant Style! Fortifying styling conditioning gel with total edge control exclusively blended with pure Argan Oil for optimal hair luxury. Strengthen and nourish your hair while creating stunning in vogue styles! Always Alcohol, Flake and Build-Up Free!”

All I can say is…I will definitely be keeping at least one of these gels in rotation. I’m here in the South and *insert sad face here* have not yet seen the Play’ n Stay line in stores. But I have seen these products sold online at various retailers. Also the folks over at Ecoco Inc. are pretty quick in responding to post and questions on their Facebook page, so if you are curious to see if the Eco Styler Play’n Stay gels are sold in your area I would suggest hitting them up. You can also follow them on Twitter and for more product info check out their website. Have you seen or tried any of the Eco Styler Play’ N Stay gels? Let me know! Until next time…

~Stay Savvy!

*Disclaimer: Although I received these products for free all opinions stated in this review are my own and are based off of my personal experiences. Like always, please research any/all products before purchasing and using.

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