“The Pillow Box”

Hey Savvy Readers!

A few weeks back I entered a contest on Facebook hosted by Blaq Vixen Beauty and My Shade of Brown. And *insert drumroll please*…I WON! The awesome prize was the April “Pillow Box” from My Shade of Brown.  I’m sure you are like, Pillow Box? My Shade of Brown? What? Well, let me tell you…My Shade of Brown is a company that focuses on the beauty needs of women of color. And they do that by offering 4 to 5 “premium sized beauty samples” enclosed in their signature Pillow Box delivered right to your door each month. Amazing, right? If you are like me, a beauty product junkie, then having beauty products, “anything from foundation to nail polish,” delivered right to your door gives you butterflies! Check out what was inside my April Pillow Box

Polish & Co Nail Polish in "Location Location Location"

Amazing Botanicals Black Soap Shampoo

Amazing Botanicals Honey Condish

Pooka Pure and Simple Shea and Olive Hair Butter

Even though I won, the April Pillow Box, I think the contents of the box are totally worth every penny. The Polish & Co nail polish alone retails for $12 a bottle. So when I say that the My Shade of Brown Pillow Box service is totally affordable, believe me. For just $10 a month (with the option to cancel anytime) you can sign up for this awesome service. In addition, if you fall in love with any of the items in your Pillow Box then you can purchase the full-sized product from My Shade of Brown. Everything is right there, there is no need to surf the web or hassle of going from store to store.  You can find more information about My Shade of Brown and the services they offer by checking them out on Facebook and following them on Twitter. And if you hurry you might just catch the awesome deal that is offered for the May Pillow Box…trust me you wanna check it out, seriously! Until next time…

~Stay Savvy!

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