Birthday Freebies!!!

Hey Savvy Readers!

It’s April!!! WooHoo!!! The count down begins for my birthday and I have already received a Birthday Freebie in the mail. I will be 32 on April 27…I know, I know I don’t look a day over 25, right? (Just agree with me on that one…) Anyway, the other day I received a birthday postcard in the mail from Zaxby’s…”Celebrate with a FREE Nibler!”

And yes, I was excited! I guess I hadn’t realized that my birthday was approaching so quickly so I had to act fast! I’m sure you have either seen or read that you can score some awesome FREEBIES on or around your birthday. And who doesn’t like FREEBIES? So later that evening I went online making sure that I had signed up for all my goodies. And I wanted to share a few blogs and sites that I use to make sure I am able to cash in on all my birthday freebies. Check out the links below…

The Exquisite Mommy – She did a post back in January listing some of her favorite birthday freebies…It’s Your Birthday; What Can You Do for FREE!

The Frugal Girls – I googled and found this awesome list…Birthday Freebies: The BIG List!

The Double Saving Divas – I have been following these twins for a while and they have list packed full of freebies too…Where Do We Get Birthday Freebies?

Last year I was able to enjoy several free lunches during the week of my birthday! So definitely check out the list. Also don’t forget to sign up for email updates to all of your favorite retailers, they send out special birthday discounts too! Do you cash in on any FREEBIES for your birthday? If you know of any not listed please share…you know I love FREEBIES! Until next time…

~Stay Savvy!

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