Spring Break 2012

Hey Savvy Readers!

Well Spring Break for my kiddos is officially over! And man it has been one long week. I had a blast though and I think my boys did too. I got a chance to kick off the Spring Break a little early. The Friday before school officially let out, I got a chance to hang out and shop with my mom. We hit up my local thrift store and a few other spots in my area. And we scored some pretty good stuff. Then that Monday the fam and I hit the road headed to Atlanta, GA. While there I did a little thrifting and got a chance to spend some time with an old college buddy and one of my besties. We had a crazy good time! If you could only imagine shopping with six children ranging in ages from 2 to 11 years old then you know what kind of fun we had (lol). The fam and I also got a chance to visit the largest aquarium in the world…The Georgia Aquarium. The kids loved it and I realized that my oldest son is best tour guide, he knows tons of random facts about sharks, fish and other sea life. After Atlanta, we headed home long enough to empty out the dirty clothes from the suit case and pack it up again headed to visit my in-laws. And of course the kids love visiting Nana’s house. We didn’t do much while there, but I did get a chance to hit up one of my fav spots, Dirt Cheap! And I discovered another spot, Essex Bargain Hunt, which is very similar to Dirt Cheap. So needless to say I had a ball shopping! After scoring several great deals, we headed home. And finally we ended out break with a little fun at the neighborhood park.  But I have rambled long enough…here are some of the pictures highlighting our week.

Poor Little Rich Girl in Atlanta

My bestie making her first thrift store purchase. YAY!

Me and DeeJ! Go check out her blog!

The kiddos minus one!

We ate at the Varsity in Atlanta! Thanks for the suggestion DeeJ!

My first VARSITY meal! YUM!

My boys!

My attempt to touch a Hammerhead Shark.

My oldest with a homemade bow & arrow.

Watching the kiddos!

Well, that was my Spring Break week in a nut shell. I did tons of shopping, let me know if you would like to see a haul video. And I have a product review for the new Sofn’ Free Nothing But line coming up soon, so be on the look out. Have you already enjoyed your Spring Break, what did you do?  If not, do you have any plans for your upcoming Spring Break? Shopping, headed to the beach or just relaxing at home? Let me know! Until next time…

~Stay Savvy!

4 thoughts on “Spring Break 2012

  1. glossedmimi

    Yes to the Varsity! I live here in Atlanta and I only treat myself there once in a while. I think I am overdo for onion rings and a peach pie!

    My son is on spring break next week. I plan to take him to the world of Coke and a few other things around the city. I would love to hit up some thrift stores but it is already hard with the baby but when he tags along it is dreadful!! I haven’t been in a week and I feel like I am going through withdrawals!! Since I haven’t been I would love to see a thrift haul!

    Glad you guys had fun and made it back home safely!

    1. Roni Lee Post author

      Thanks ma’am! I totally understand about shopping with the kiddos…it can be a bit much. Next time I’m that way you will have to tell me where the best thrift store are. I hope you all have fun during Spring Break and drink some Coke for me…lol. And I will definately share my finds! =)

  2. DeeJ

    Thanks for taking the time to see us. The girls has fun, but next time we will have an more time to hang out. I see a re-visit coming in the neat future


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