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I’m finally getting a chance to sit down this review. Thus far this week has been flying by and I feel like I have been a busy bee yet have not gotten everything on my to do list accomplished. Oh well, the story of my life! From the title above you can see that this post is about a product review. Well, I recently won the Motor City Moxie Naturalicious photo contest on the Facebook page and the prize was a $20 gift card to NATURALICIOUS, an online store for naturals. I immediately feel in love with the site. It’s a one stop shop for that carries a variety of natural hair care products to fit any naturalista’s needs. According to the founder and fellow natural, Gwen, “The mission of Naturalicious is to provide a one stop shopping resource for the very best brands a natural woman’s money can buy.” So if you are transitioner, newly natural or natural vet, I would suggest checking out NATURALICIOUS.

So after the excitement of winning died down, I checked out the site and set my eyes on the My Honey Child line. I have seen a few YouTube reviews on My Honey Child products in the past but had not personally tried the brand for myself. I decided to test out the My Honey Child Honey Nutt Scalp Cleanser and Conditioner. So here is my take on the Honey Nutt Scalp Cleanser and Conditioner…

  • Availability/Pricing: The My Honey Child Honey Nutt Scalp Cleanser and Honey Nutt Conditioner can be purchased at or directly from My Honey Child’s website. Both the scalp cleanser and conditioner that I purchased were 8 fl. oz. and retailed for $10 on either site.
  • Product Claims: According to My Honey Child:
    • The Honey Nutt Scalp Cleanser is a deeply restorative daily shampoo that provides extra nourishment for dry to very dry hair.
      • Strengthens and replenishes thirsty strands
      • Leaves hair soft, shiny and healthy

    •  The Honey Nut Conditioner replenishes dry stressed hair. Infused with natural moisturizers it hydrates and restores dry, damaged hair.
      • Deeply moisturizes over-dry damaged hair
      • Provides shine, silkiness and softness

  • My take: When I received the products in the mail, the first thing I did (and do with any hair product) was smell it. Oh-em-gee both the scalp cleanser and conditioner smell yummy. The scent is a combination of almond and coconut, two of my favorites. When I first began to wash my hair, I was a bit disappointed because the scalp cleanser did not lather. But then a light bulb went off, and I remembered reading the directions that stated to shake well. Reading is so fundamental. So after shaking it up, I reapplied the cleanser and viola! my hair lathered! After rinsing, my hair felt soft and squeaky clean. Then I proceeded to use the conditioner. In my opinion the conditioner was a little thin. And I was a bit skeptical that it did have any amount of slip*. I applied the conditioner like normal, saturating my hair. But due to the consistency of the conditioner, I used nearly half of the bottle. After leaving the conditioner in my hair for 10+ minutes, I began the detangling process. And to my surprise, it was super easy. Once the all my hair was detangled, I rinsed the conditioner out. My hair was left feeling soft, silky and moisturized. And I must say that I was really impressed.
My hair product free after using the scalp cleanser and conditioner.

My hair product free after using the scalp cleanser and conditioner.

  • Pros: Both the scalp cleanser and conditioner smell awesome; the scalp cleanser lathered well;  the conditioner had surprisingly awesome slip;  and after using the scalp cleanser and conditioner combo my hair was left feeling soft and moisturized.
  • Cons: The cleanser left my hair feeling squeaky clean which something I am not used to; the consistency of the conditioner was extremely thin; and I used almost half of the conditioner in one use.
Honey Nutt Conditioner

Honey Nutt Conditioner

Shows consistency of the conditioner.

Shows consistency of the conditioner.

  • Final Verdict: I personally thought that the Honey Nutt Scalp Cleanser and Conditioner performed a lot better than I had expected. I was thrilled that the conditioner made my detangling process a breeze. However, even with all the said, I am very frugal and like to get a big bang for my buck. And that can sometimes be difficult task when looking for quality natural hair products, like the My Honey Child Honey Nutt Scalp Cleanser and Conditioner. I ended up using a considerable amount of conditioner because of the length not thickness of hair. Conditioner is vital for me and I personally can’t afford to only get two uses out of a product that cost $10. BUT even though I would not personally purchase this product again (unless it was on sale) I would highly recommend this to a natural whose hair my not be as long as mine. Like I stated both products exceeded my expectations and did what they claimed. So if you a newly natural who my have recently big chopped or a natural who may not have thick/long tresses this would be a great option for you.

*Slip – The slipperiness of a conditioner or detangler. The more slip a product has the better it aids in detangling.

**Please note that even though these items mentioned above were purchased using a gift card won in contest sponsored by Naturalicious all opinions stated in this review are my own and are based off of my personal experiences. Please research any/all products before purchasing and using.

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