A Twist on the Braid Out

Hey “Savvy Readers!”

I did a tutorial post the other day on my fav hairstyle, The Braid Out, but this past Saturday night I tried something different. When I first started my natural journey, I experimented with several different styling techniques, one being a twist out. For those of you that may not know, a twist-out is very similar to the braid out but instead of braids you do twist. It sounds pretty easy right? But for me it’s not, for some reason my hair always tends to unravel (especially in the front) or my hair just doesn’t set right. But the last time I tried a twist out was during my transition and I thought I would give it another try.

I usually shampoo my hair, but it’s been feeling a bit dry lately, so I decided to co-wash it only. Then, as always, I applied my leave-in then sealed with coconut oil. I was really up in the air about what I wanted to do with my hair, so I pulled out my blow dryer, which now thinking about it may not have been the best idea, especially since my hair has been suffering from dryness (hindsight is definitely 20/20). Anyway, I dried my hair using only the cool setting (I promise it didn’t get hot, or warm for that matter). Once, it was dry I proceeded to section and twist my hair. I used my Shea Moisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie and I pinned the tops of each twist using a flat hair pin (to help keep them from unraveling). Here is where another issue comes into play, (1)I didn’t want to sleep in rollers and (2) whenever I pin-up or pull back my twist they always mess up. So, after attempting to brainstorm on what to do with the twist, I just decided to sleep in my bonnet and deal with the results Sunday morning. Well this is what I ended up with…

This is not the best picture but I think it shows the results. Personally, I wasn’t that pleased with the style. I did like the amount of body it had but it lacked curl definition. So here is where the Braid Out steps in…Since it didn’t have much definition and I was paranoid sleeping on the twist, I decided to braid and pin curl my hair just like I did in my Braid Out tutorial. Here are the end results…




I loved how it turned out. My hair had tons of body and was HUGE! I usually achieve big hair like this after the 3rd or 4th day of a braid out done on wet hair. So I will probably attempt this style again and skip the twist out. I ended having to run a few errands today and boy was it humid outside. I was only out for a few hours and my hair lost all its definition in the front (like always) so as a result my hair got pulled up into a half up/half down do.

Let me know what you guys think? And if you have any tips on achieving a bangin‘ twist out please let me know. I may try doing a twist out on wet hair soon and you know I will be sharing my results. And keep an eye out, I have a few product reviews coming soon. So until next time…


Stay Savvy!


2 thoughts on “A Twist on the Braid Out

  1. Tanya

    Hi Ronni Lee,

    Awesome results! Just a quick question, after you did the twistout and you weren’t too happy with the results, did you do that second step, the braidout on dry hair? Did you wet it again to achieve this end result, I guess is what I’m asking. I love it, really pretty! -T

    1. Roni Lee Post author


      To be honest I’m not sure what I did after attempting the this style. However, when I’m rocking my normal (fav) braid out I will dampen my hair depending on how it feels when I get ready to rebraid it…I have done and acheived awesome results when I’ve rebraided on dry hair too. Like I said it really just depends on how my hair is feeling. As long as my hair feels moisturized when I braid then the results are good. I hope that makes sense. =)


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