Loving I’Me by J. Thomas

Hey “Savvy Readers!”

You all already know how much I love my I’Me by J. Thomas earrings! And you may even be tired of me talking about them but…I first discovered I’Me when I saw a fellow YouTuber rocking a pair of the I’Me earrings back in December (a few if not one week) before Christmas and I just had to have a pair (or two). I showed them to my hubby thinking that I would probably get them Valentine’s Day because of such short notice…Well to my surprise I did get my lovely earrings Christmas Day. After I opened my earrings, my hubby told about the awesome customer service that he received from I’Me and how impressed he was with the company. Of course, I immediately fell in love with my earrings and I rock them every chance I get. I am also saving my other pair for the summer (woohoo!). And I now have my eyes set on one of her fabulous shoulder pieces. But let me tell you, I’Me offers much more than just earrings and shoulder pieces…

“I’Me (pronounced I’m me) is chic, sophisticated and fashionable design to fit ALL SHAPES & SIZES!  Featuring unique pieces available for additional customization and style.” quoted from I’Me

Ms. J Thomas, the designer of I’Me, is a native of Montgomery, AL (my home town) and graduate of Alabama A&M University class of 2009. She believes “that designs should be made to compliment  a person’s size and shape.” And I love that about Ms. Thomas and her company. I’Me is offering up unique, customized, quality pieces and awesome customer service all at a reasonable price. This company is really doing “big things” and you don’t want to miss out.  And what makes me love, love, love I’Me even more is having the honor of being featured on her site in the “I Love Me Some I’Me” Valentine’s Day release, under the Small Convo Earrings tab. So while you are there checking me out (lol), please take a look around at all of the awesome designs I’Me by J. Thomas has to offer and let her know that The Savvy Housewife sent you….I promise you will not be disappointed!

Stay Savvy!

6 thoughts on “Loving I’Me by J. Thomas

  1. Natasha

    Awww! You’re a fashion model!! I was surprised to see you all over the page. Although those earrings aren’t something I would rock, you rock them very well ;). Go girl!!

    1. Roni Post author

      Yes, I absolutely love their earrings! And they provided my hubs with such great customer service…I would definitely recommend them and purchase from them again!

    1. Roni Post author

      Of course these earrings are statement pieces and conversation starters…I got tons of compliments! And people that know me thought they fit my style.


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