The Results Are In….

Hey “Savvy Readers!”

I got a call yesterday concerning “The Next Rimmel 10” contest. Unfortunately, I didn’t make it into the top ten. *tear* First let me start by thanking each and every one of you that voted for me in this contest. It really meant a lot to me and I really appreciate your support. For a moment, okay a few hours, I let it get me down and I had a little pity party. And not to mention I was just getting over a stomach bug and receiving the call on Valentine’s Day just made everything worse (at least for me).   But thanks to my mom, hubby and close friend I was encouraged to focus on the positives of participating in the contest. (1) The “Rimmel 10” contest pushed me to do my first YouTube video, which I had been putting off for the longest. (2) I was then encouraged to blog more and now I love it more with each post I write. (3) I scored some really awesome, FREE makeup from Rimmel London…and if you know me then you know I love makeup and freebies.

So instead of feeling like a “loser” on Valentine’s Day and ruining it for my boys, I put on my happy face, sucked it up and moved on. Besides you can’t win them all, right? And if I focus my energy, thoughts and efforts on something I can not change then I’m just simply wasting time. But what really turned my day around, despite the bad news, was my thoughtful hubby. Even though we decided not to exchange gifts, he wanted to cheer me up so he bought me flowers and Gigi’s Cupcakes. He reminded me that even though I’m not in Rimmel’s top ten, I’m still number one in his book. And we shared the evening eating yummy pizza and cupcakes…

So at the end of the day, I really enjoyed my Valentine’s Day and I sure hope you did too. And remember, like I said, you can’t win them all. =0)

After this "yummy goodness" who wouldn't feel like a winner? =)

8 thoughts on “The Results Are In….

  1. Mrs. E

    That was sweet. I’m sorry you didn’t win THEIR contest BUT you are still a winner in our eyes. Now don’t eat all of those cupcakes at one sitting. LOL…


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