Nailed it!

Hey “Savvy Readers!”

It’s the weekend! And I don’t know about you but I have been looking for Friday since Monday…And one of my favorite things to do during the weekend is to give myself a mini manicure (I give myself pedicures too but I will leave that for another post). I used to go to the nail salon all the time when I was younger but I realized that it was both time-consuming and expensive.  So as a result, I fell in love with nail polish. And recently, I have been experimenting with designs and glitter polishes. So much so that I wanted to share some of my favorites with you…

I call this one “Purple Bling”…..

And this last picture is by my favorite nail design to date….

I hope you liked the pictures and nail art! If you have any questions, comments or tutorial requests please shoot me an email or leave a comment below. And I hope all you “Savvy Readers” have an awesome weekend! =)

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