I went thrifting!

Hey “Savvy Readers!”

This past Monday I hit up my local thrift store and scored some great stuff. The best part is I paid less than $7 for all of my goodies. WOOT! WOOT! Everyone knows that thrifting can be hit or miss and I just love it when I find good stuff. Any who, I wanted to share with you my thrifted finds…check out the video below.



I hope my haul video gave you a little inspiration to hit up your local thrift store. Also keep a look out for an upcoming post and video of me rocking some of my recently thrifted items. And if you have any comments, requests or suggestion please shoot me an email or leave a comment below.

Happy Thrifting! =)

2 thoughts on “I went thrifting!

  1. A'jaé

    Omgeee! Girl you found some good stuff! I LOVE the handbag! I may get out today and thrift! Although I have bags in my closet from the last time, I’m sure it won’t hurt! 😉


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