Product Review: Sauve Professionals Humectant Moisture Conditioner

 Product claims: “Moisturizing conditioner enriched with a panthenol and keratin serum replenishes moisture and nourishes hair leaving it soft, manageable, and full of lustre.”

For those of you who don’t know my hair is natural (meaning I have no relaxer). I don’t consider myself to be a “product junkie” (someone who is always buying new products for their hair)  but I don’t object to trying new products especially when they are FREE! A while back I scored coupons for two free full size Suave Professionals products by playing this game on their website called “Can You Tell“. (I think this game may still be active so you should definitely click the link, so you can get your freebie too!) Anyway, I just tried the Suave Professional Humectant Moisture Conditioner and I must say that I may be in love. I love anything that leaves my hair feeling moisturizered. Besides who wants  their curly fro to looking extra dry, not me! 

Pros: It’s reasonably priced under $5 and can be found anywhere. But the best part is I have seen Suave coupons in my Sunday paper and online (and I LOVE coupons).  

Cons: Made the shower slippery when I rinsed it out (yep, that’s all I could come up with).  =)

This product did what it said. And for the price and availability, you can’t beat it. So I will definitely be purchasing this again and it will remain in my stash as a staple product.

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